Our digester-based system turns wastes, pollution, and regulatory friction into revenue-generating products. Learn more about waste to revenue systems here

Renewable Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

Promus projects differ from conventional digester projects in the U.S.. Our project will market the RNG for transportation fuel and a potentially broad array of off-takers on the grid, including utilities and distant direct vehicle fleets.  In addition we will be helping Dairies reach and exceed EPA complience as well as capture and regenerate  diary waste into Reuasble Renewable products.

Waste to Revenue Systems

Energy Project Development

Learn more here.

We provide immediate expertise and resources for companies in the planning and implementation phases of commercial expansion and project development. Learn more about how we can help you develop your next energy project here


Promus energy is a project development company that focuses on renewable and sustainable technologies. We successfully compete with other markets by offering products that are economically viable and environmentally friendly. With over 45 combined years of energy and renewable project

development, project management, permitting, and energy policy experience.

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